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The NHS is one of the World’s largest employers, is the international role model for healthcare free at the point of delivery, a large supplier base and has multiple sophisticated IT systems, with limited connections, to manage it administration and its patients’ records.

What can an Austrian/German organisation, new to the UK offer the NHS?

The simple answer is a fresh set of eyes, a different way of thinking and a how do we do it, not can we do it attitude.

Green tick

We have ticked all the mandatory boxes, we are accredited with ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001; we are part of the developer community and have subscribed to the DSP Toolkit.

All of our applications and overarching services conform to Open Standards in the truest sense.

We are not an established supplier to the NHS although our team have man-centuries of healthcare experience, a lot of which is with the NHS, and this gives us our three big advantages:

We can ask the fundamental questions:

  • What does the NHS need from its eHealth system?
  • What is the patient’s expectation?
  • What can it do now?
  • What is the fastest and most operationally and financially efficient way to get there?

We collaborate:

  • We want to work closely with the various elements of the NHS.
  • We want to work closely with the existing NHS supply chain.
  • We want to enhance what is already there, we do not want to displace anybody.

We have the knowledge of how other countries have done things:

  • Many countries are behind the NHS in the provision of IT services for healthcare, but this means that they have had chance to consider alternative means of achieving the goals, some are better, some are not but all offer insights.
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We are not arrogant but we have lots of skills and experience and we believe that we have a lot to offer the NHS, especially during the time of the creation of NHS X and the changes that this will necessarily bring to the way that the digitalisation agenda is managed.

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