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In financial terms, Liquidity is a measure of how easily an asset can be converted into cash. However, an organisation’s optimum liquidity is a compromise between the fixed assets required to operate the business and the near-cash assets that can be used to respond to market changes.

There is a synergy with Information Liquidity as this is also a compromise: in this case between the need to have all available information instantly available in a contexualised format and the cost of such a solution.

Ideally …

In an ideal world, the NHS would operate a single system that enables access to all patient records and other corporate information, instantly, in context, with appropriate user access control and with full patient consent and opt-out capability. Furthermore, this information would be mutually shared with all related agencies and other organisations, as appropriate. To do this now would involve replacing all the many IT systems within the NHS with a single, monolithic system.

It’s the stuff of nightmares, the nightmare in question was called the National Programme for IT.

We are where we are …

So, we currently have lots of different systems across the NHS, and many more outside the NHS that need to be connected (social care systems, private healthcare systems, potentially education systems, etc).

Sandbox with shapes in random order Sandbox with ordered shapes

It’s like a child’s sandbox, a box full of random shapes that aren’t interconnected in any way.

Conventional wisdom states that we should do the best we can to fit the shapes together and at least have some degree of interconnection between some shapes. However, there will rarely be a 100% match between shapes – never a perfect interconnection.

Sandbox with blue sand

So, let’s forget conventional wisdom and think outside the box, or at least beyond the box and its current components. What if we were to introduce water to the box, flood it so that the entire bottom of the box is covered but the shapes are still visible. Now the water touches every part of the sides of the shapes. The water forms the perfect link between them – true interoperability.

This is what we do

This is what we call Information Liquidity, and this is what we do. x-tention provides an application and service that acts like the water, it adapts to the shape of the information repository, adapting to different protocols and even data formats to provide true interconnection between any information sources.

But we offer far more than this as we also control who swims and where swimmers are allowed to venture, as role based access prohibits those without an authorised need to know from swimming in the information lake.

If you consider this analogy to be islands in the sea, then we also ensure that individual beach towel owners have their assets protected, no matter how many towels they have spread around the islands. This is how we ensure information governance and patients’ control of their own records.

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