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x-tention provides the means to make data flow from a host of sources and bring it together as contextual information to help clinical diagnosis.

The applications provided by x-tention have been described as the water in which a coral reef grows, as it allows all parts of the ecosystem to co-exist, provides a stable environment and enables nutrients to be distributed to all parts of the community. The terms that describe this is the information world are Interoperability and Data Liquidity:

Interoperability is the ability of devices and systems to exchange and use electronic information from other devices and systems without special effort on the part of the user. In health care, this speaks to the capability of the technical underpinnings to support data liquidity – when patient information moves freely and securely from the point of care to wherever it is needed. Interoperability of the technologies used in patient care enables the liquidity of data.


  • can provide point solutions or can work with partners to provide an end to end solution
  • applications are cloud based or on-premise
  • are offered on a pay by use or capital procurement basis
  • are designed, implemented and supported by a large UK and European team.

x-tention can help to solve a host of clinical information issues, many of which are unique solutions build from an array of tried and tested building blocks, the following use cases are therefore just an illustration:

  • Comprehensive Single Patient Record
  • Dynamic Master Patient Index for specific clinical communities of interest
  • Information Integration Hub
  • Patient record validation
  • Advice and consultancy on information governance

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