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As an eHealth services organisation, part of our portfolio is the provision of data processing application services that enable the interoperability of systems around the county, with record identification and master indexing. These services require secure, HSCN-connected data centres that enable us to offer other hosted services to our customers. All of our managed/hosted services are UK based, SLA backed, have full resilience and offer complete business continuity. We are happy to discuss hosted and/or managed services that we can offer and are always willing to stand up new offerings if our customers require. Below are some examples:

Call centre computer

Managed Telephony As A Services

x-tention offers fully hosted and managed telephony solutions, ideal for small organisations like GP surgeries that take large numbers of calls each day and need intelligent routing between staff members, voicemail/email integration and automatic handover to mobile devices. Video conferencing services can be included, which can enable telemedicine for busy GPs in remote areas. SIP trunking is included in this service.

Server cabinet

Managed Infrastructure As A Service

As a provider of cloud applications, x-tention has data centres within the UK and can offer an on-demand data centre solution. We can rapidly deploy the server solution that you require to your exact specifications, including business continuity, with the ability for you to scale up and down as your demand changes. You pay only for the resources that you use.

Managed Azure Stack

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We design, deploy and manage tailored Azure Stack environments within one of our sovereign assured data centres, complete with native connectivity to government networks including PSN and HSCN. Projects are led by our professional services team who will consult closely with you to determine the optimum build as part of your overall hybrid strategy. The service is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis*, with full 24/7/365 support and onward escalation to Microsoft specialists when required.

Managed Firewall

Red brick fire

We offer software firewalls running on large, shared appliance(s). They have the same functionality as hardware firewalls, but they are more flexible, much faster to deploy, and typically more competitively priced than dedicated hardware firewalls. It comes with a management and reporting platform that simplifies delivery and support; it also provides customers useful information via an on-line portal This service provides a choice of two virtual firewall profiles:

  • A ‘small’ virtual firewall offering up to 50Mbps next generation throughput
  • A ‘medium’ virtual firewall offering up to 200Mbps next generation throughput

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