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x-tention is the backbone behind the implementation of eHealth solutions around Europe and offers a suit of cloud applications that interface with disparate systems and allow them to truly interconnect. We term the concept behind this as Information Liquidity and our consultants will assemble the required building blocks or our suite, and integrate with other applications, to provide the solution designed to meet our customers exact needs.

The principle behind our service is the complete interconnection of systems, with any to any connectivity.

Drums and phones

It can be likened to connecting groups of people all speaking different languages, who want to share information with diverse indexing, using anything from a smartphone to jungle drums.

Our applications handle the protocol translation and other system idisyncracies but also manage the remote database structure and nomenclature by finding common parameters that will identify the patient – particularly important if the NHS number is not recorded.

Our systems are available on a pay by use basis, the parameters of which can be designed to suit the customer and include per transaction, per patient, per bed, etc dependent upon the size of the institution.

The application does not store patient information and is hosted in HSCN-connected sovreign UK data centres, with full resilience, disaster recovery and SLA gaurantees. x-tention is ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 accredited and is registered with the DSP-toolkit.

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