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The problem with being the company that is the glue that links together lots of pieces of patient information in a large and complex network, is explaining all the advantages that we can bring.

We have therefore chosen some example Health and Social care roles to discuss the benefits as they will be seen by specific professionals, please click on an icon below to see how we can help your team:

The following are a few brief examples of the types of areas where we engage, usually with partners to provide overall solutions:


Real-time patient information

A clinician’s view of his or her patient record is limited to the information held on their chosen clinical patient record system and specific linked systems. x-tention allows unindexed and potentially unknown information to be identified, validated and displayed in the same diagnostic context in real-time, regardless of where it is stored.

Condition management and research

The creation of a contextual information reference source, bringing together all information related to the condition in question, including relevant patient records, to allow authorised professionals to speed up diagnosis and recovery and to further research into prevention.

Information sharing governance

Enforcing information sharing agreements, data protection regulations and patient and clinician confidentiality by managing information sharing over multiple agencies. Creating the environment to enable the patient to allow record access to a larger team, while maintaining control of how and what can be seen by who.

Citizen information hub

Creating a citizen-centric community of interest to help care in the community and to develop skills that allow individuals to manage their health condition on a day-to-day basis, by providing the information and by sharing experiences so that informed patient decisions can be made.

Information expertise

x-tention’s Europe-wide expertise and experience is at its customers’ disposal to help develop information strategies and tactics or to solve a single problem in information governance and distribution.


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