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If you are conducting medical research into a specific condition, would it be helpful to be able to view all information relevant to that condition easily and simply and in one session, using the systems that you work with currently?

Messages network

Messages are continuously sent around medical networks to share information on patients’ conditions, pathological results, investigation results and so on. x-tention sits in the core of the network reviewing all data that traverses it and identifies messages relating to the condition on question. It then adds the location of the data source to a master condition index.

The data itself is not stored, only the route that the data took through the network – the ensures that every time the data is reviewed, the latest version is fetched, pseudomised or anonymised if required.

x-tention is the core application that is providing this to the NCIS for oncology research in Ireland.

How quickly can this be achieved?

Technically, it can be achieved very quickly. However, we must consider information governance as this is the vital governing process that ensures patient confidentiality and prevents unauthorised individuals or organisations accessing the patient record:

From a technical perspective, this means:

  • The information is held within the UK.
  • It is accessible only via the HSCN.
  • Data Processors are ISO27001:2013 accredited, are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and have made a submission to the NHS’ DSP Toolkit.

From a contractual perspective:

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  • Information sharing agreements must be in place with other Trusts (we can help there too)
  • The patient’s wishes must be observed.
  • Need/right to the information must be established.

This is a Department of Health and Social Care objective so the political will is present, we are keen to work with you to make it a reality.

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