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Are you part of a large national pharmacy company and want to increase the level of customer service that you offer patients? You will already be part of the eHealth digitalisation agenda and will be able to receive electronic prescriptions, indirectly from local medical practitioners. However, you will be on the fringe of the medical record sharing and at the moment you will simply be sent the prescription, although you will have a limited ability to change drug sources in limited supply situations, other interactions are limited.

Would it not be more beneficial if you could be part of the eHealth system, using you own systems to access medical records on a limited, need to know basis under the control and authority of the patient?

The Intelligent Exchange

x-tention provides an information exchange service that allows the interconnection of any medical records system. With appropriate governance and patient consent, your organisation can have appropriate access to medical records, subject to role-based authentication, need to know and patient approval.

Data exchange diagram

x-tention can interlink all the various systems to which it has access and use this to search for record elements using a variety of parameters, it also incorporates modules that enable patients to provide temporary informed consent for medical record access.

This means that the consultations that pharmacists now offer to their customers can be more informed, with better information and with the ability to feed back to the customer’s medical practitioner.

How quickly can this be achieved?

Technically, it can be achieved very quickly. However, we must consider information governance as this is the vital governing process that ensures patient confidentiality and prevents unauthorised individuals or organisations accessing the patient record:

From a technical perspective, this means:

  • The information is held within the UK.
  • It is accessible only via the HSCN.
  • Data Processors are ISO27001:2013 accredited, are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and have made a submission to the NHS’ DSP Toolkit.

From a contractual perspective:

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  • Information sharing agreements must be in place with other Trusts (we can help there too)
  • The patient’s wishes must be observed.
  • Need/right to the information must be established.

This is a Department of Health and Social Care objective so the political will is present, we are keen to work with you to make it a reality.

The earlier we start, the quicker we will have an interconnected healthcare system.

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