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A patient presents after spending an afternoon in the Accident and Emergency ward of a hospital 75 miles away in another trust following a SCUBA diving incident. He wasn’t given any medication or discharge paperwork but is still concerned about after effects.

In many cases there will be no immediate means of gaining access to the A&E records from another Trust a significant distance away. If there seem to be lasting effects, the best option may be to send him to the local hospital for a repeat of the tests conducted two days before.

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  • This costs the patient time and aggravation.
  • There is a substantial cost to the NHS.
  • It may be inconclusive as many of the signs may have dissipated.

How could things change?

x-tention offers cloud-based, pay as you use software that exchanges data between any medical system, as long as is granted access to it.

A find more information button added to the screen of your existing patient record system will initiate a search of connected systems for that patient’s identifier and retrieve the appropriate record, allowing an informed diagnosis to be made:

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  • The patient is happy, and his time has not been wasted.
  • Clinical time is saved, and efficiency is improved.
  • There is a significant cost saving as unnecessary investigations are omitted.
  • Other patients will be seen more quickly.

We call this information liquidity

How quickly can this be achieved?

Technically, it can be achieved very quickly. However, we must consider information governance as this is the vital governing process that ensures patient confidentiality and prevents unauthorised individuals or organisations accessing the patient record:

From a technical perspective, this means:

  • The information is held within the UK.
  • It is accessible only via the HSCN.
  • Data Processors are ISO27001:2013 accredited, are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and have made a submission to the NHS’ DSP Toolkit.
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From a contractual perspective:

  • Information sharing agreements must be in place with other Trusts (we can help there too)
  • The patient’s wishes must be observed.
  • Need/right to the information must be established.

This is a Department of Health and Social Care objective so the political will is present, we are keen to work with you to make it a reality.

The earlier we start, the quicker we will have an interconnected healthcare system.

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