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  • We live on a group of small islands, nominally at least we are comprised of five countries with a multi-culture and multi-ethnic population.
  • We have five different national healthcare delivery systems with commercial subsets.
  • We are geographically if not politically close to Europe.
  • We are the most aligned nation in the World.
  • We are a cultural melting pot of cultures with key links to North America, the Antipodes, the Indian sub-continent and the Orient.

The UK has a history of bringing the best from around the World and using it and although the British Isles has some of the World’s most advanced healthcare services and systems, there is always much to be learned from other cultures.

The NHS was the World’s first free at the point of delivery health service and was formed with the ultimate goal of prevention of illness and suffering. As a result, our population’s health has improved considerably, life expectancies are longer, and the British Isles are at the forefront of medical research.

But the World is a very different place from the post-war years that saw the formation of our National Health Service. We are part of a World economy run by an international trading and currency management system that has been described as the World’s first autonomous artificial intelligence. We are no longer in full control of our economy and are subject to variations in countries across the globe.

So, the healthcare delivery organisations across the British Isles now need to be more operationally and financially efficient than ever before and need to reduce waste in a host of areas, including:

  • Unnecessary repeat patient appointment
  • Unnecessary repeated investigations and tests
  • Inaccurate first diagnoses
  • Ineffective or unnecessary treatments
  • Artificially inflated supplier costs.

Is x-tention a significant part of this?

We think so, we bring a fresh and innovative view of the delivery of healthcare as we have been involved in the development of healthcare systems around Europe, the far-east and the USA and can bring this experience to the UK. We have developed applications that will work with existing systems to augment their capability and improve the practitioner and patient experience.

We have amassed considerable experience on both sides of the Channel and want to work with the NHS and its existing supply chain to see how we can together improve the efficiency of the NHS and do more for less to support the patient and subsequently citizen health and social care experience.

x-tention: British innovation combined with German engineering

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